1AM thinking session

It’s 1:36am in the morning as I type this, which means, clearly I’m thinking about keyboards. And I thought about something rather marvelous. The Gateron Clear, but no, no, not just any Gateron Clear, a Gateron Clear that is a Box Switch. I know Kalih Box Silent switches are in the works, and should be, possibly appearing somewhere in the Q1 2019 time frame, but there’s no Box Ultralight switches. Yet. Has anyone done that or attempted it yet? I know the springs of the Box Switches are a bit different, thinner or smaller in diameter, but I’m sure there has to be ultra-light springs out there that can work in them. Low wobble, low force, and highly ideal.

35g box springs here


Light linear switches should be great in box format… Initial batches of clicky ones with the click bar needed heavy springs to spring back up overcoming the click bar on the upstroke.