2-piece Split ergo PCB kits with wireless + tenting + arrow/nav clusters?

I have a Mistel MD770. It has a 3.25U spacebar, which no keycap manufacturer sells as a standalone. I’ve learned to solder and other basic electronics stuff and I’m looking for something that does what the MD770 does but then some.

I’d really prefer something that exists and can be purchased but I can live with a GB.

Specifically, I’m looking for the following features:

  • Two piece split
  • Wireless (BT preferably)
  • Arrow keys in the same location as a conventional keyboard
  • Some form of a dedicated pgup/pgdn/home/end cluster (preferably close to the arrow keys)
  • Tenting (some kind of integrated tenting setup built into the case would be preferable, or Ergodox EZ style tenting - no bolts straight through the case, please)
  • As close to regular size/layout as possible (I am OK with TKL and no dedicated F row but I’m not too huge on thumb clusters)
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And a 3d-printed case for tenting.

There is the Quefrency to if F-row wasn’t a must have

OH, shoot. Forget the wireless thing.

Oh yikes, yeah, I was looking at the Sinc and Quefrequency but didn’t see that they weren’t wireless. Man, this is gonna be the death of me, lol.

Now, don’t quote me on this, but I think with some Nice!Nano’s and battery packs, you could make these wireless. But you’d probably be in a pretty small club as far as support goes.

Dumb question but a Quefrency doesn’t seem to use an Arduino in the first place - how would I set it up with a Nice!Nano?

Well, that’s probably where it’s going to be more work. Technically the Quefrency and Sinc work fine off a Pro Micro and the Nice!Nano can also serve that role. However, the firmware for the Nice!Nano is different and whether anyone has even made a branch of it for these board is not known to me.

This will be the firmware you’d need:

And there does seem to be a code set for the Quefrency: