25 Switch Details You May Not Know

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Rather than pushing through another week of reviews, I figured it was about time to enjoy an alternative style article. Over the years, I’ve acquired a lot of interesting switch facts and snippets that I just can’t yet work into a full review but still want to share with you all. Thus, please enjoy this week’s article ‘25 Switch Details You Might Not Know’ decked out with tons of neat facts, stories, and photos of interesting details I’ve learned about over the years of collecting.

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As always, hope you guys enjoy the article and learn one neat thing about switches that you didn’t know before!



This was such an interesting article to read! I have a similar article that I’ve been wanting to publish, but it’s been in the drafts for a few years lol

I also like how you mentioned the different colours/weightings for spacebars in vintage boards. I just want to add that keyboards with Alps switches that with integrated lock lights had different switches for them too. File:Alps SKCL Green -- used as LED key.jpg - Deskthority wiki Maybe this is already well known though.

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I did not know any of these details. Fascinating read and I learned some new things.

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Great write-up as usual, master Goat. I learned quite a lot of new things here!


Hype. Great article again, Goat!

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That was a fun read. Thanks for making this!

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