3277-2 Keyboard

I’ve seen several 3270-like keyboards that are usable on the PC but those are usually of a later design than the one I’m looking for. I’d like to find a 3277-2. This was connected to a 3270 terminal and I did all of my early programming with it. It has the function keys all on the right (where the numeric key\pad is currently) and a different arrow key layout. It also had different ENTER and NEWLINE keys. Other keys are very useful and unique to the 3277-2 (and not on modern keyboard).

I liked a couple things about it: I feel that it had a nice “feel” to it and IBM software (namely REXX and XEDIT) were designed to use it.

Does anyone know of a keyboard with the 3277-2 layout, USB connector, and works with a PC?




I believe you are talking about this board.

If this is the board, then you are in luck. Someone is trying to sell their board on deskthority.


Yes I am, but for a PC. I’m trying to find a board with that layout and connects using USB (like most modern PC keyboards). I wouldn’t know how to connect the actual 3277-2 keyboard to a PC, or even if it can be connected.

I am quite sure that it can be converted to be used with PC. You can join this IBM keyboard Discord server, and ask questions.


Also tagging @SharktasticA, a profound model M lover.