3D Printed Alpha Cases + Giveaway

The sales and giveaway are limited to North America only.

To get the giveaway info out of the way, comment a number below between 1 & 1,000 and tomorrow I will randomly pick a number! The giveaway winner will be able to pick color and case style. Shipping will be paid for by me.

I have been 3D printing cases for the 40% Discord for a little while now, but have decided to open it up to a larger audience. These cases are printed to order. To keep shipping times as low as possible, the queue for cases will be capped at 15 cases and they will ship as they are finished.

Here is an Imgur album of pictures of the cases: https://imgur.com/a/Lvq95pg

This is the sale form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16cI2OHcaoQ7_PUyT1PG8DnwhdFqOV78XHCc1Hj3clmA/edit

You can purchase everything you need except for a Pro-Micro and Switches.

The Alpha is a layout designed by PyroL. He is a great guy and a fantastic PCB designer. This is his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pyro.keys/

The Alpha cases are designed by Soft. He is a brilliant designer and deserves attention. This is his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soft.key/


number: 2

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Question… because I am intrigued by 3D printing as well…

Is the back of the keyboard two pieces? Do you screw in a plate?

Also, if you want to collaborate and create metal 3-d printed keyboards, please let me know. I just got access to some pretty amazing machines that can print/cut using various metals.


they all feature integrated plates

sounds great :slight_smile: ill be in touch

i’m still stuck with 60% and above for my stuff, but damn, this is beautiful. booooooost

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Nice! These are so cute. Thanks for doing the giveaway and best of luck to everyone!

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I think @keyboardbelle might be interested too.



I wish Metal sintering printers were cheaper, but I’m definitely waiting to see how the FormLabs Nylon machine works.

These cases are super cute!

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Oooh, I just watched a YouTube video on metal sintering. Really cool. I guess CNC is probably more feasible for something as large as a keyboard case. I guess the nylon machine is the same idea but powdered nylon instead of metal?

Sorry for announcing the winner a day late (got busy with some irl stuff) but you won!
If you have discord pm me there SlipperyPeteED#1337 so we can figure out what case/color you want and where i am sending the case!