3d Printer Recommendations?

Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone had 3d printer recommendations that come in under $500?

Been looking into 3d printers lately and looking into the various differences for machines between $200-$500.

Curious to see if anyone else has a machine in that range or has done their own research on machines in that range.



Ender-3 V2 one of the leading contenders at the moment


I think we’re all too amateur/poor for such things.

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Curious why this one is the main contender?

From a lot of reading I’ve been doing, it seems to be one of the best places to start for those who want to be able to get a 3d printer and start printing right away without needing a million small modifications, improvements, etc.

It still has all the pathways for improvements through modifications, but doesn’t require them right away like many other cheaper and inexpensive 3d printers.

I don’t want hassles until I introduce them myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Only downside for me is the print area. I wish it was a tad bigger, but I have some space in my budget to go a little bit bigger.


I ended up getting an Ender 3 v2 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Neat! Whatcha printing?

Well if I’ve learned anything from hours of watching 3d printing videos, the the first things you print are things to improve your 3d printer so you can print better improvements for your 3d printer so you can print better improvements for your 3d printer so you can print better improvements with your 3d printer so you can…

Also I’m planning on printing small nifty useful things around my office, props & environments for my TTRPG campaigns, and whatever catches my fancy.

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Yes, the first two things I printed, after the test prints, were an LED light bar and a filament guide. :smiley:

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Possibly, but some more than others! (Me. I’m more than others)