3D Printing Keycaps, Cases & Lube Switch Stations


My name is Nikolai & I’d just like to introduce myself as a new user to KeebTalk with a few ideas in mind and services to provide at that!

I am a huge “nerd” for mechanical keyboards, I’m also a designer, a developer, programmer, and many other things with a variety of useful talents in the industry surrounding technology. More or less, I am an entrepreneur who is now experimenting with 3D Printing Keycaps in ABS & Resin as well as 60% Layout Cases.

I run ShapesWerke a 3D Printing Service in Canada which designs, manufactures and produces a variety of things from – automotive parts ie. interior trims, buttons, sleeves, tabs and more – to toys and household items like coat hooks, bird feeders, and more – to ANYTHING you can think of and would want or need, we 3D Print it!

With all of this being said – I would like to hear from anyone and everyone who has any advice in the curating, designing, and field of 3D Printing Keycaps or Cases or an interest of such. As I would like to design and produce the best quality products we can possibly offer, which is always our goal here at ShapesWerke.

You can visit our site @ www.ShapesWerke.ca

Thank You! :slight_smile:


I would rather have 3d printed case than keycaps as we have a lot of cheap keycap offerings but not a lot of cheap cases that are good.

I would suggest making an affordable 3d printed keyboard first. Maybe make it sandwich mount to start with, with plate holes matching up with case holes, and then transition to top mount.

Best of luck!


I like this idea and I’ve been poking around all of the mechanical keyboard parts that I could possibly 3D Print or replicate in our own design structure.

Keycaps I can understand people want in Resin, which is 100% as stated understandable.

We offer Resin and ABS, and our first set of Keycaps did come out imo “Ok”

A case sounds like the next thing in mind, and if it comes out better than “Ok” I think we’ll have something to work with. Much appreciation.

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I second @treeleaf64 , keycaps are already pretty affordable, but the only cheap cases I can find out there are really hollow PLA cases from KBDFans.


Very nice – than if you don’t mind, share me some of your ideas for the Cases you’d like to see 3D Printed. We can do Resin, ABS, PETG, TPU Rubber, Carbon Fiber Nylon & More!

I would definitely like to know more, as I will be getting into this. I just had to get the word out here, as well as some input.

All input is great input. Keep sharing. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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NK65 Entry Edition is a very popular kit right now, I think that alternatives to the stock case would be a good idea. I’m not an expert on material/plastic types, so I’m not sure what people would like on that end.

I’ve just released a Lube Switch Station and a few Keycaps – if you’d like to check them out @ www.ShapesWerke.ca

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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