40% Keebs Discord Server - One Week In

Well, it’s been close to a week since I started the 40% Keebs Discord Server. I have to say that turnout is greater than I had expected at this point. Thank you all who have joined and participated in the conversation. And for those who have yet to stop by, here’s an open invitation: Discord . Please feel free to join, converse, lurk, post pics or even quench your curiosity about 40% Keyboards. Hope to see you there!!


it’s a fun server! definitely enjoying the picture posting, it’s always so interesting to see what others are typing on and with 40% and up it’s always a surprise to see what’s out there! Thanks for making this :smile:

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I was very happy to find this server. It has been fun meeting new enthusiasts over there as well as see all the awesome 40% keebs people have out there. Looking forward to seeing more content on there! Thanks for starting that Mike!


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I wanted to comment on the form factor but I misplaced my number keys.


@ChrisSwires :rofl:

Thanks for the response to the server. So far, nothing but positive!! I made it for you guys, so enjoy!!

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Is the discord still active? Is there a new link to join? Thanks!

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yes it is! here you go.


Damn, I forgot about this thread. :grin: