40% Topre and mechanical keyboards

After heavily modifying my Keychron Q2 keyboard and getting some confidence in modifying switches and what not, I was thinking of building a 40% keyboard that I would use on the side. So, I would like to ask you which barebone kit would you suggest. Mind you that I live in Europe and getting one from the US usually costs me 40% on top with import taxes, VAT and shipping included.

Also, an equally important question: Are there any 40% Topre keyboards? I would love to try these switches too.

40 percent Topre boards are usually only available in small group buys from the 40 percent discord. BlindAssassin just ran the Viktus-Minne and there is also 35% kit available called the Travaulta for the Vault 35%

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I am afraid all Viktus-Minne are sold out. Furthermore, I would prefer a more budget friendly option, if such exists

So would I, but that’s it there are no other options If you are technical you could have PCBs made such as this and then find a compatible case.

I am technical, though I wish I was that technical :slight_smile: