43Studio's Obsidian Pro Switch Review

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Continuing the 2022 review streak of ‘the most new and interesting developments in switches’, 43Studio throws their hat in the ring with the new Obsidian Pro switches. Not only are these some of the first dustproof switches made by Durock/JWK, but they are also the first with a new, mysterious housing material different than even the Opblack switches. But how will they stack up to Opblacks, or even their namesake predecessors in Obsidian switches…?

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Article: Obsidian Pro Switch Review — ThereminGoat's Switches
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As always, thank you to everyone who reads these reviews week in and out and especially to those who have joined the Patreon as of late. It’s all of your combined efforts that not only lets me get ahold of these switches, but to get to review them in depth like this. It means the world to me. :heart:

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Ooh, I know what I’m reading with my coffee today. :3 I’ve been wondering how you felt about these in relation to their predecessors.

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