5-pin replacement for Holy Panda

Of the currently available in-stock tactile switches, which would you say is the closest in tactile feel to a Holy Panda, but with 5-pins (PCB mount)?

Check out the Ethereal Pandas! They’re literally a Holy Panda, but recolored and five pin.

A GB just ended… but there should be extras on Dangkeebs soon. Monstargear, Candykeys, Prototypist, etc already have their extras live.

to be pedantic since it says it’s a clone stem it’s not literally a holy panda. I don’t really follow new tactiles anymore so maybe someone else has tried them/can speak to how good it is.

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I’d doesn’t have to be exactly like a Holy Panda, just have a similar feel with a large rounded tactile bump. The ethereal pandas look great, if a little pricey. Any cheaper alternatives out there?

I think Everglide Oreo has a tactile feel pretty close to Holy Panda, it has 5-pins and $0.55/pc.

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