60-67%, hotswap … ISO - what are my options?


I’m looking for a medium-fancy keeb for use with my work laptop and would like to employ keebtalk’s swarm intelligence for selection.

  • 60 - 67%
  • hotswap
  • south-facing, 5 holes
  • PCB-mount stabs
  • RGB not necessary
  • Bluetooth is nice but not required
  • In stock :flushed:
  • ISO :exploding_head:

I know!

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Don’t know if it checks all boxes. But most of them.


That looks very promising on first glance. Thank you!

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On second look, finding an ISO plate that fits the bottom row appears to be impossible. Any ideas? :thinking:

There’s always dremel for the bottom row

But the pcb has room for a blocker. That part might be a obstacle.

Exactly. :cheese: :no_mouth: