>60% and <TKL Iso board

Okay, so I’m an Iso user and have been looking for a nice custom 65% or 75% board lately but havent found anything suiting. There are currently multiple 65% boards I follow, but most of them dont support Iso as far as I know. Theres the mark 1 by Broadsource, the astro 65 which also isnt ANSI, the evolv 75 which is likely gonna be really expensive otherwise this would be an option, the D65 by kbdfans whose pcb does support Iso but I really couldn’t find out if Iso plates are gonna be obtainable. The last option I’m aware of is the Haus by Hand Engineering but this is likely gonna be 400+ which still is a little too much for me. Do any of you have some custom boards at 350- which are in GB or at an earlier stage right now, support Iso, and are either 65 or 75?

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I’m pretty sure the kbd75 does

Contact the creator for extra’s. He usually has spares :wink:

There will be extras sometime after September, after the gb will ship.

ty for the answer! Do you think its worth trying to get one or will this be gone on nk65 levels?

Last run they had extra’s for a while so I guess you will be pretty sure to pick one up if you follow the GB info and anouncements.