60% FR4 Plates from Carolina Mech

I have some 60% FR4 semi-fixed ANSI MX plates up for sale on my website: https://carolinamech.com/collections/frontpage/products/60-fr4-plate-mx

We developed these for the Palmetto 60% and have some extras for sale! They should work on any universal 60% case.


Nice thanks for the heads up! Ordered 2 half plates, these will come in handy for sure!

appreciate the support! dropping your order off now!

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I would be interested when your restock comes in with the enter stab cutout modification. Any chance you could drop us a line when you the next batch comes in?


Wait is there something wrong with the enter stab cutouts from this round of plates? I got 2 of the half plates that I haven’t used yet.

This is on the product page:

" * Enter stab cutout currently incompatible with unikorn or north facing stabs, restock will address this!"

I passed on the plates till that’s corrected since I’m pretty sure that the DZ60 PCB’s I would use them with have north facing enter stabs.

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Ohh OK cool, just certain scenarios. That shouldn’t affect my use of them. Thanks for the heads up though man! :+1:


These work fine with a south facing enter stab, the unikorn and other pcb with north facing enters aren’t compatible with the first design. The stab cutouts on it are also designed for cherry stabs, the newer design should work with larger stab housings like durock etc without modifying. We also made the screw holes larger on the new plate. Just drop me a line if you have any issues with your plates.

Should have new plates in the next week or two, I’ll post when they’re up.


These are restocked

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Thanks for the heads up!


Ordered! Let’s see what FR4 is all about

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Same. Grabbed two half plate versions. I’ll have to compare a half plate build to the POM plates that are on their way from Mekanisk.


Thank y’all for the support, these plate sales are helping fund the Palmetto 60% prototypes. Please let me know what you think when you build with them!

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These have been restocked. Half and Full plates available!


Would this work on a DZ60RGB ANSI?

Yep, this’ll work just fine.

Awesome, Thank You!

Sorry for late response, yes these will work with DZ60.

Plates have been restocked, and a blue FR4 full is also available.

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