60% HHKB layout case for Boardwalk PCB

Hey everyone, I have been looking around and I cant seem to find a good HHKB case and plate for the Boardwalk.

My wife bought me the pcb and switches for xmas and I’ve been dying to put it together since.
However I cant seem to locate a case that will fit the Boardwalk with an HHKB layout.
I was thinking about the Brutalist but I’m not one for “expensive” cases, I’ve seen some posts in the past about HHKB Layout cases but then they tend to have integrated plates or just require a specialized plate to fit. I’ve checked out this but I’m unsure if it will actually fit the pcb and mount properly, not to mention the plate style needed.

If anyone has any ideas or knows of a good case for the boardwalk in this layout please let me know.

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The case you linked to is top mount, and so would require a custom plate for the Boardwalk. You might be able to send the KLE to the store owners to cut a custom Boardwalk plate for you.

What you are looking for is pretty rare (inexpensive HHKB that can accommodate a Boardwalk). Revo made a case many years ago that would work. Alexatpanc also made a series of cases that were HHKB, but tray mount. I can’t remember what they were called.

If you don’t mind stacked acrylic, you can configure either of these with HHKB blockers and a Boardwalk plate:


These are very customizable.


A HMKB will work if you manage to get one.


[UK] WTS Beige 60 HHKB


I think the XD64 looks pretty sweet. I’ve been wanting to build a similar setup, but ortho still intimidates me a bit.

I can’t speak to how it would sound or feel though, but think they have a FR4 plate for this particular case.