60% PCB Options

What are the current options for buying 60% PCBs?

I’m looking for one with RGB underglow and I have built a 1upkeyboards in the past that worked really well, so I may just buy another of those.

I’m thinking about buying a Zeal 60%, but I’m not sure if I really need that much RGB.

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DZ60 is a really good choice for this.


DZ60 is really the best out there. Cheap, reliable, flexible layout, and QMK loved.

KBD6X R1 is nice too and has underglow (unlike KBD6X RGB) but it has issues with some cases with thick center mounting pole (like Acrylic Tofu. Aluminum Tofu is OK-ish). I don’t think its PCB designer think the design through all the case variations.

UPDATE: Forgot to add that KBD6X underglow is not as bright as DZ60’s underglow. Tested both at maximum intensity.

DZ60 is very good

I’ve used DoyuStudio’s DO60 in the past. Great board for the price with plenty of underglow.

Now how about a 60% pcb without underglow? That will fit millmax sockets and multiple layouts.

Not to hijack this thread, but did you ever figure out how to reset your KBD6X ?

I just got my HHKB Tofu and I can’t even figure out how to reset it or put it into boot loader…it’s way more confusing than the DZ60. Flashing that was simple!

If you mean KBD6X rev 1, yeah. I just shorted label jumpers on PCB to flash.
If you mean KBD6X rev 2, no. None of the reset combos worked and nothing labeled on PCB.

Wow, I can’t believe I bought a $159 keyboard and have to sell it on MechMarket because I cannot figure out how to reset it.

Does it have per-key RGB (rev2) or underglow RGB (rev1)?

While KBDTools (rev2 only tool) is not QMK and doesn’t have a lot of fancy features, I was able to get basic stuff like Pok3r-like arrow keys working. Kind a tedious to setup though.

Does holding space + B as you plug it in not work for yours? It works on my KBD6x (v1, the underglow one)

My KBD6x Rev. 2 had a teeny reset switch - can you try that?

Also, the Space + B combo worked for me.

It worked. I have no idea why it didn’t work before. And oh my god these switches and these keycaps and this keyboard is fucking astonishing

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Glad you got it working! I know the feeling, some PCBs are super frustrating to figure out how to program. I just went through the ringer with flashing a new layout to my RedScarfII+ ver.C & can concur it does feel awesome to have finally figured it out!

I just google imaged Red Scarf.

I so need it.

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Is it easy to remove the extra USB socket from the KBD6X R1? I need a Tsangan hotswap PCB and the extra USB socket is the only question mark I had.

Easy. I used a plier to ripped the extra socket off then used some desoldering braid to make sure there aren’t any shorts.