60% PCB with JST connector?

I need a new PCB for my keycult 1/60 but I’ve never seen keycult actually have PCBs in stock. Does anyone know where I can get a board with a JST connector and, preferably, a USB connector that’s flush with the edge of the board?

I picked up one of these a while ago but I can’t get it to actually work with VIA (or qmk configurator for that matter) and the default keymap isn’t good. I also have a spare WT-60D with traces for a JST connector but I’m not super comfortable doing fine surface-mount soldering.

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There’s Bastion PCBs at CannonKeys with JST connectors sold separately.


Hmm, looks like the connector is in a slightly different location which I don’t think would work. This board has a midplate with pretty specific cable routing cut out of it. The stock one has it between the capslock and tab keys:


You have options with PCBs from:

Or, if you aren’t afraid of soldering, I believe all of Wiba’s WT60 PCBs allow you to solder in your own JST connector (available here) on the upper-left hand area (you may or may not to desolder the USB connector for clearance).

I believe Wilba is the OEM board for the Keycult, so you may want to go down that route, but Hiney makes pretty good PCBs as well, and they are also a bit cheap than the Wilba ones…


Thanks man. Looks like the hiney board has the connector in the same location as the bastion one donpark posted, so unfortunately wouldn’t work with this board in particular.

You’re right that it’s a Wilba board, the WT60-A. Couldn’t find any vendors selling that particular model but the other ones from him do have the traces in the same place. Thanks for the link on where to buy the jst connectors themselves, looks like that might be my best option here.


I have the Weird Flex version that came with my Salvation, but opted for the non flex-cut version. I went half-plate, and the white PCB looks nice peeking out…


I like that CK/ai03 use the TTC Pokayoke hot swap sockets on the BASTION hot swap PCB!

Cheapest I have found those for is $1/socket, so getting 60+ of them on a PCB is kind of a bargain… :thinking:


Salvun sells WT60 PCBs on his store, no sure if he has some in stock now…