60% with some rearrangements, is this practical?

I would like to introduce this 60% layout:

I’m trying too hard to put dedicate arrows into 60% layout :sweat_smile:
though I’m not sure if this is practical or not.

some people are reluctant to use Capslock as Fn, how about 4 modifiers on the left?

what do you think about this layout?

p.s: sorry Dvorak users :upside_down_face:


I really like this idea, personally. As a graphic designer, a fair amount of what I do is nudging things around in various Adobe programs, so nixing the arrows is not really an option for me. Something like this might work to get me into 60% boards.

First question: What happened to the period and comma keys? Those seem like they’d be too important to move to the second layer.


Can’t say I like it, u ansi users already have a layout with arrow keys for 60% that looks great. 4ca87893-a393-48ad-8058-9739b09eebaa
U don’t like that one? :roll_eyes:


yeah… I move them to second layer but like you said, they’re too important and putting them on second layer might be counter-productive.

yeah, I don’t like that layout because of irregular keycaps.

I like this layout more than your mentioned layout

60% with arrows

(though / ? is in the second layer)


I think 4 modifiers on the left (Fn on the leftside) might help with period and comma keys on the second layer :thinking:

Well, for me, the ENTER key must be on the right edge of the layout, so it’s easily reachable by my right-hand thumb (while using the mouse at the same time) :wink:
Most of the 65%+ layouts are very annoying to use because of that issue (according to my preference). LOL

Also, don’t have to concentrate where the ENTER key is during long night sessions.
So HHKB, for me, is perfect layout – my thumb is happy.

Forgive me this ghetto-mockup, but it’s just to demonstrate my thoughts :wink:

So this would be NO-NO for me (as a daily driver):

What keyboard is this, or how do I achieve one like it? Need to know for science.

I’m pretty sure this is the layout I got coming on my Tofu60. Curious to see how I like it. (I’m currently on a 75 layout at the moment)

Not necessarily. With QMK firmware you can put /? on the right Shift key on tap and Shift on the same key, but upon hold.


This is what the DZ60RGB from KBDFans has (I started with this board). Holding Left Shift to get ? is now natural for me.


That is a hotswap keyboard named gk64 but if u wanna solder one the dz60 will support the same layout.


Yep. Same one I got coming.

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This PCB is already available and a 95% match for yours. It’s called The60:


You can still order them from Jackie.


Some of the best proof that can be offered that QWERTY is bad is that people design keyboard layouts that drop keys from the home row. Trolling aside, I think that the period and comma keys are too important to remove.


I have a dz60 and I have mapped FN on CapsLock and arrows on WASD on second layer.
This way I avoid taking my right hand of the mouse.


Same for me. Enter has to be on the right edge of the keyboard. If on a laptop it is not, it’s a deal breaker for me.