65% case that isn't the tofu?

I’m looking for a mid tier/ lower high end (?) case that fits a 65% PCB.

I need this because i very recently impulse-bought a TADA68 PCB/plate combo for very cheap. And well, now i need to build a keyboard with it i guess.
Not looking to spend very much, tough something aluminum would definitely be preferred.

What can you guys recommend?


afaik 65% isn’t really standardized like 60% and I don’t know that there are a lot of options, but I don’t really pay attention to a lot of 65% anymore, so I might not be up to date on what’s out there

well that would be a shame. the combo i bought came with a plastic case, but i would really like to not use that.
this case is atrocious. there’s probably more plastic in the construction of the keycap of a spacebar than in the entire mass of that case. look at it from a funny angle and it flexes under the pressure.

According to the item descriptions, these two cases are compatible


Unfortunately there aren’t any others that I know of


that low profile one looks pretty appealing!
i’ll keep looking through the depts of aliexpress first, tough if i can’t find anything comparable this is definitely the one.

this build is quickly going over budget tough. as always.

New Dixie Bauer Lite is coming soon…

Sorry didn’t read that you all ready have the pcb.

I tried a TADA68 with the standard high-profile aluminum case at a meetup.

It was amazing. The best-value aluminum case on the market, hands-down. It is better in every way than the stock plastic case. Better typing feel and bottom-out, better typing sound and acoustics, better stability and better comfort.

I recall it as being super-thick and sturdy compared to cheap aluminum cases. If I wanted to improve the typing feel of my TADA68, the first thing I would do is use the big aluminum case.

The low-profile case is also good. You can look up photos of builds with that. Someone did what I was thinking of doing, Zealio V1 in a dark gray lo-profile case with Honeywell keycaps and white LEDs. It looked spectacular. I’ve never typed on one, though.

Sorry, it was a silver case on the Honeywell one:


ooh, that’s definitely a looker! thanks for the info on that one.

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