65% OEM or similar Sets?

Hey folks - I’m looking for good OEM profile sets that support the 65% / 68 key layout. I love Ducky’s sets, but they’re pretty much standard only.

I have a Durgod Hades 68 that I’ve swapped some Gateron Silent Inks into and I’m loving it - but I’ve discovered that Cherry profile caps strike the housing of north-facing switches. It’s still a pretty quiet board, but the silence and dampened feel are somewhat undermined.

I don’t want to use o-rings, so I’m looking for taller keys - so I’m guessing OEM is what I should be looking for. So far, though, I haven’t found too many OEM sets that are both good quality and support non-standard layouts. Does anyone know if JTK caps have the same clearance issues that Cherry/GMK ones do when it comes to north-facing LED ports?

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It’s not quite OEM, but Tai-Hao Cubic should fit nicely!


I came to say the same thing

Hey great idea! Thanks for that - I’m going to see what’s available.

Edit: it does look like the set on Novelkeys is compatible with my layout, but they’re out of stock at the moment. Most of the other Cubic sets I’ve seen are for 108 key layouts - do you know of any other sets that have those extra ones BOW comes with?

Edit edit: I found all I had to do was add “132 key” to my search terms and I was good to go.


You don’t need a new profile, you can put a couple of washers on the rows that are affected the most (3 is the worst). They don’t impact how the key sits on the stem and you can’t feel them. They lift the key up just enough not to clack.
I know they are sold out at the moment, but if you find out the dimensions you can probably source something similar.


I was wondering if there was something like this out there - thanks for the suggestion! O-rings are too fat and mushy, but these look like they might be just what I need here. I’ll keep an eye out for restock on these.

I don’t remember if a stock update was posted in a news blog entry on his site, but it may be worth your time contacting Mike at NovelKeys to see if they will be restocked (and if you need to source them yourself).

Well - the washers sounded like they would be the ticket, but Mike has confirmed they likely won’t be coming back for the foreseeable future.

Damn, that sucks. I wonder if he would share the dimensions with you. I can’t believe that they were manufacturered for this purpose and can be found elsewhere.

He referred me to a guy at OKLB - we’ll see what he says!

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