75-85% that has a button right under X?

Hello, I’m looking for a keyboard that is not as wide as TLK, but has arrows and F row, so something along the lines of 75 to 85%.

But, as a heavy user of CAD and Design software I use a lot of shortcuts, and my thumb always rests on a Cmd button (I’m on a mac). Mac keyboards have 4 modifiers in the bottom left corner, and Cmd is always right under X. I’ve tried a mechanical keyboard with a regular layout, and Alt button was halfway between Z and X, and that put a lot of strain on my wrist. I could not even do Cmd+M with one hand.

I’ve seen this tofu

and it has Cmd right udner X. What is this layout called? All my google searches so far lead me nowhere. Thank you!

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Minorca, minilla, z70

But the one on the picture could be alps, then the rules change :upside_down_face:

Thanks, but neither of those match the criteria I’ve listed – F row and arrow keys, but I still appreciate the suggestion.

Quick question – how would alps change the rules? I found this image on reddit, and indeed OP suggests these are alps. But I’m not sure how that changes the layout?

Cus the spacebar is 6.5u that’s very uncommon for MX, especially with PCB’s.

It’s hard to find a mechanical keyboard that follows the Apple keyboard layout with their bottom row. Some options that I’ve seen online:

Niz Micro84

Matias Mini Quiet

Vinpok Taptek

Without f row

Filco Majestouch Minila

NuType F1

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Just swap Alt and Win…


Now, this might not fit your request, but try mapping caps to control/command as desired.

Tap caps, get caps. Hold caps, get command. That’s about the lowest strain modifier use you’re ever gonna get.

Alternately, a tsangan bottom row may fit your needs well.


Thanks so much! NIZ is the perfect layout for me, but the switches are not mx style. If they were I would be buying this right away.

+1 on what @rpiguy9907 and @rooski15 both said. Using a TKL on macos, I have my Caps key set to Cmd and I find it pretty convenient. If you don’t have QMK/VIA/Vial and just want to try different mod locations, KarabinerElements is really handy and covers options that macos’s built in Modifier Behaviour settings don’t. Its also nice if you prefer to keep a vanilla ansi layout for using your keyboard across different computers/OS’s.

Looking closer at my options Niz is Topre switches, and Matias is Alps. I am really tempted by NIZ tho. I have no idea if I will like the switches at all but the layout is perfect for what I need. I will attempt to find something with this layout with regular MX switches over the next few days, but if I fail I think I’ll go for NIZ. Thank you everyone for your advice!

Order your own custom plate and handwire it. :wink:

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The NIZ switches are extremely light (most models are only available in 35g weight resistance). You can add springs, but it doesn’t feel the same once you do.

If you like medium or heavy weighted switches try to find an older 45g or even 55g NIZ board.

In an interview the guy who runs NIZ says he prefers light switches, so they will focus on light switches, but I think they are missing out on some sales because of it.

The tofu you posted appears to be using the Alps64 PCB with keycaps from an Apple Extended Keyboard II. That’s the AEKII’s layout in a 60% for factor. I believe you can order the PCB and plate on Geekhack still. You’ll just have to get the keycaps and switches somewhere else.