75ish layout

Hi all,
was thinking about a 65%/70% keyboard, but was thinking about a thing: with layout < 75% some combinations are quite easy, let’s say F5 to refresh > Fn + 5 on number row.

But let’s take CTRL+F5 as combination to be used: on those ones 3 key should be pressed, CTRL+FN+5.
Plus, I’m so accustomed to have Tilde key near the 1 key that having it to the complete opposite would be a no-go for me.
Last thing: some Fs are left in the layout below as can be useful to avoid to always use a combination for them, like F11 for all screen, F12 for Dev Tools in browsers and so on.

To avoid these above, do you know if some keyboard with below layout exist or have a slightly different layout to be customized?

Obv if you have some suggestions more than welcome, as it’s not a purchase I have to made, just trying to understand if it can be an alternative to my actual 75%.

NOTE: for both the upper right one is a knob :upside_down_face:


Nevermind, seems like I encountered only now this one from Keychron, the Q65:

which is missing BT/Wireless capability :confused:

Would like to find a similar one with Tilde cap near the Esc key and not only cabled.

This isn’t an answer to your overall question, but regarding the tilde, have you tried the QMK/VIA function to make tilde accessible below escape, but not on a separate layer, by pressing Shift+Esc?

oh well, TBH I don’t own the Q65 or other keeb with some similar layout as above apart from my Feker IK75, which already had Tilde key positioned as I want, so I’m not able to test it :sweat_smile:

Oh! I understand.

I know several keyboards have a F column as above, though they don’t come to mind immediately. I’ll think of you if I come across one and post it.

However, you may be okay with a 65%. For full screen and dev tools mentioned, along with other Windows F functions (F4 comes to mind in tandem with Alt), it’s been easy for me to adjust to holding function. I use hold space as a layer modifier, so you can tap to just achieve a space but hold to get your layer. A lot of people also like using the Caps Lock position as a hold layer key, which could be convenient for you. I don’t use this, since I type a lot of all caps abbreviations for work.

Another good location for a layer key in a 65% is the 1u key immediately above the right arrow. Then you can sort of claw with Right Alt and Right Control for key combos. It’s also just nice to have the layer modifier available to both hands for ergonomics in reaching up to the number row for function keys on either side of the board.

Finally, I don’t know if this is available through VIA or if you’d need to use QMK Configurator/direct coding, but instead of a hold modifier for layers you can set a toggle. So you would tap your layer key to enter your layer instead of having to hold. I haven’t done this, but I understand there is a version that automatically switches back to your base layer after you press a key in the upper layer and another version that stays in the upper layer until you press the toggle again.

The answer is to have Esc on fn+tilde :person_shrugging:
And FN on caps lock.

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The Onyx is expensive and a TKL but has the left nav column while being f-rowless. Seems like a very nice keyboard.

E-white is in “extras” at CannonKeys.

There’s RAMA Zenith if you want to go digging on r/mechmarket and money is no object…

I tend to find that mapping Fn + Esc to trigger Esc is the best option, but I’ve also mapped Esc to the bottom row where you have the right control in your keymap image:


It’s very Nice how your describing your own layout but I have to be honest I’d go with a 60 percent board instead however I’d dare you to make hypothetical a 150 percent layout. I can imagine a person with a small desk getting that and he plays on a low dpi on his mouse.