7u stabilizer distance

Hey guys, can someone who has a 7U Spacebar measure the distance between stabilizers center-to-center for me please? It is likely to be 114.3 mm, but I need to know for sure to order a custom plate.

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I’m at work right now, but if nobody answers this before I get home I’ll get the measurement for you.

Edit: Just got in & it looks like you got the info you needed. GL with your project!

I measured the distance in a plate file I have and it’s right about 114.5mm. Your measurement might be slightly more accurate depending on the width of the cutout.

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It is 114.3 mm according to Cherry’s data sheet.


Thank you very much for the link! Should have known myself there is data sheet.

Thanks hadi!

also a good reference: https://deskthority.net/wiki/Space_bar_dimensions :smiley: