9009 pbt keycaps

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for the 9009 PBT cap set. I can’t seem to find them in stock anywhere at the moment. I see them on KBDfans, but it denotes as pre-order. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for a pre-order item from KBD?

OR… can anyone suggest a similar looking set? I mean how much different (or better quality) are the PBT caps? Will I regret ordering something else if I’ve gone with pretty high quality parts elsewhere?

Despite saying pre-order, I believe ePBT 9009 is in-stock and ready to ship on KBDFans. They have a habit of not updating the product titles.

I asked about this on March 21st in the KBDFans Discord and a few people replied that it was in stock.

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EPBT 9009 is in-stock on KBDFans, but Flashquark has some of the WINMIX/KPR/TheKey Cap/whatever the generic manufacturer is, 9009 PBT caps. They’re the same ones that show up on KPRepublic often. I have some of the Muted set from the same manufacturer, and it’s a fine set, although it has minor warping issues (nowhere near as bad as some of EPBT’s more recent offerings) and slightly smaller caps. They’re pretty nice for the asking price, but as long as you’re willing to accept the flaws

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