96% keyboard or 1800 keyboard options (now or future group buys/products)

Looking for a good 96% keyboard or an 1800 keyboard. The best I have been able to find currently available would be the Tofu96 and the YMDK 96. Any possible options that you know of or even future group buys I should get in please let me know! Willing to spend as this will be my full time keyboard as the numpad is needed for my daily driver. Thank you in advance for any information!!

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Options were mentioned in a similar thread, but I’ll add that Akko has both 96 and 1800 options on Amazon. Some versions have their proprietary Akko switches soldered on (I believe) and some are hotswap. I’ve had one bookmarked for ages but I decided to stick with the Leopold 980 layout.

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There’s some Rekt1800 kits currently in stock in Navy, Rose Gold, and Lilac. They periodically get restocked in different colors/finishes.

The KBDfans Odin will probably have extras when manufacturing for the GB is completed, if it’s anything like previous KBDfans GBs.

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I did not see the Rekt1800 kits in stock. Certainly a big option for me! Thank you for the heads up.

I will forever pedal Leopold 980m/980c. Build quality for an off the shelf unit doesn’t get much higher.

May not be the solution for you if you’re looking to build / not desolder.

Another option might be the Geon W1-AT, if you enjoy that historic form factor (ibm model f at).

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Currently sold out, but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t run again:

@Gainz I finally stop procrastinating and started to put together a catch-all list.

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It will run again.