97% Keyboard Suggestions!

Hey all keebs,

I’m doing some research for a new build. Curious in any of your guys/ girls suggestions in what 97% keyboard I should MOD/ Build. Im not looking for anything specific in that category. Right now my favorites are the K4 and Vortex Vibe for there price. Stock sound does not matter to much as I have different switches to add/ modding and im not worried about hot swap-ability as I can solder. I like the K4 because it is for sale on Amazon (next day shipping) although it is a pain in the a** to desolder LEDs, Id prefer the Vortex for its keycaps and overall build.

Any input is appreciated, thanks.

Kono Kira 96 is a good option as well https://kono.store/products/kira-mechanical-keyboard

There is also a tofu 96 kit https://kbdfans.com/collections/new-arrival/products/tofu96-mechanical-keyboard-diy-kit


There are also a few kits / cases built around the Melody 96 pcb; I think YMDK has bamboo and a couple different aluminum cases for it. You can get them as kits, and there are hot-swap versions available. I put one of the heavy aluminum ones together for a friend - the build was easy and flashing the firmware wasn’t bad either - I just had to swap the assignment of two keys that were backwards in the default file.

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For some reason I totally forgot the tofu 96 kit even existed :thinking: Do they exist? I swear I’ve never seen anyone post one anywhere

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