A 65% PCB with centered USB?

Hello, I recently acquired another Dolinger, but without the PCB.
I want to buy a 65 PCB that has QMK support w/ center position USB.
The exent65, tgr 910 pcb, zephyr/zeal65 pcbs would be a good choice except that they are all out of stock.
After some googling, I found out that the bm68 rgb from KPRepublic is also a choice, but the it is incompatible with the Dolinger because of the blockers on the bottom row.
I was wondering if you guys happen to know a PCB with the aforementioned configurations.

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It is not QMK, but you could use the BM65 from KPRepublic. You would have to change your bottom row to ANSI with 1.25u mods, but the Dolinger definitely supports this with the correct plate.

Another option is the SUO65 that is used in the TX65. It is Mini-USB, but it is also center post. Supports the layout you have pictured - Mode 10 on the guide.

They are in stock right now because TX just shipped out their last big group buy of TX60/65/66 a few weeks ago, but I do not expect them to stay in stock. They usually come in an out.

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Thanks. I didn’t know about the BM65. Too bad it’s not QMK.
The fact that I hate Korean PCBs is because of its keymapping software and laggy responsiveness.
They have some minor bugs on Mac OS as well, which is a bummer since it’s my primary workstation.
I was actually gonna wait for the SUO65(C-Type) that will come with the EO65 in the near future, but then again the fact that it’s a Korean PCB is making me have second thoughts. I’ll have to mull it over for a while to organize my thoughts. Thanks for the reply and advice :slight_smile:

Actually, ur recommendation of BM65 is perfect. It has a USB-C type interface with a center position and I think it also supports QMK/VIA. Thanks for the tip!

Ha you are right, it does say QMK support. Glad to help!

I ordered one myself a few weeks ago, sadly their shipping takes forever to get to the US so I am still waiting.

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Yeah, international shipping from budget chinese vendors are quite slow. I actually chipped into the Mechlovin’ 9 PCB GB, hope to test the BM65 one day.

I wish there were more inroads between the various regional keyboard hobbies; I’d love to understand how we could better work together to improve the cross-compatibility of various firmwares and associated tools so more folks can contribute and more issues can be resolved that prevent people from making choices they’d otherwise want to make.