A bouquet of flowers keycaps Artisan keycap | Aihey Studio

These are our handmade keycaps, with a bouquet of flowers as the inspiration for the rose keycaps. Each petal and leaf is hand-kneaded, so there is a 25-day work period. This is a pre-sale item, once you order, we will start handcrafting it, shipping time is about 10 days.

You can choose a light blue or light pink bouquet

Because handmade keycaps take a lot of time and effort, they are more expensive, and we are sorry to say that we have minimized our profits.

Package includes: one A bouquet of flowers keycap

Designer and craftsman: cici

It looks great, but… how are you supposed to press the keycap without ruining it?

After my test, it can withstand the regular force of pressing, maybe this keycap is only to play the role of good-looking

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Ah, okay. It looks so delicate, so I wouldn’t have assumed it would be able to withstand a standard keypress.

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The shape is truly exquisite, this one is pottery clay pinched and baked to shape, the flower rhizomes are made and held in place by steel wire.

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