A Celebration of ISO

A collection of some of my latest ISO builds :smiley:


See my builds on Twitch, and typing tests on YouTube


You’re the hero we deserve Jae :smiley:




A Celebration of ISO

(Despite the ISO,) your boards are always beautiful, Jae

Really nice boards.
With UK ISO finding caps is a little bit easier and cheaper than with ISO-DE.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Yes the Norde variants are hearder to source - but I’d rather have base ISO than no ISO even if the legends weren’t correct.

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I have 2 boards bild with ISO DE and apart from the fact that they are occupied by my wife and my sister I use them for most of the text stuff, like eMails and so on.
For programming I mostly use my Ergodox and some ANSI boards because the brackets {} and [] are in bad positions on ISO DE.

But I will do at least one additional ISO DE board, which I want to keep in the office acting as a mechanical demo keyboard, I can give colleagues to try out mechanical keyboards.

Thought I add my ISO-DE boards to the celebration :smiley:



They all look amazing

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Thanks my ISO partner-in-crime!