A fix for a problem you may be having? GMK Keycap minor defect

So, I spent a few hours today lubing up some milky tangerine switches. Have to say, they are still not super smooth, but 3204 does make them a much better switch.

Anywho, I slapped them in my M60-A and all was good… until…

For some reason most of the switches on R4 felt terrible when pressed near the top! Binding like crazy at the top of the press. What in the world is going on? How could lubing the switches mess them up??

Long story short… IT’S THE KEYCAPS!!

So, check your GMK R4 caps if you have issues. Here is what I found on all of my R4 caps. It’s an extra bit of plastic hanging off of the stem that rubs on the switch.

Shaved it off and it’s now smooth as butter. This was from the Massdrop BoW set.

Hope this helps someone. Sure made me happy that my switches weren’t trashed :slight_smile:


Who needs QC, eh?
Also, good find and thanks for sharing!


“gmk are the finest quality keycaps”


I was just thinking the same thing

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What set is that, GMK WoB from MD? I just checked my Space Cadet set & none of the R4 keys had that issue, same with my Sky Dolch set although that is an older set I got from Oco. I wonder if GMK is just getting too comfy with QC since they are the go company for Cherry profile double shot ABS caps? Or if it is just something with that particular run? Since I’m fairly sure MD ordered a metric shit ton of WoB sets so they could do the daily drops that ship next day. :thinking:

Yep, Massdrop WoB. I haven’t checked my other sets. Perhaps I should

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Yes, please take a look when you can. I’m really curious as to if this will be an ongoing issue with future GMK sets or if it’s just a one off issue with this certain run. My info from just two sets doesn’t really tell us much. With such a small sample size for all we know I could’ve just gotten lucky. Definitely need more info from others. :+1:

Just checked my N6-TU1CR, Olivia, 9009, Skidata+, Terminal R1, and Hyperfuse row4 keys and none of them have this issue.

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Anyone else have the massdrop BoW? Maybe it was just that batch?


MD WoB checking in, no issues here. Checked keys on board and ones in tray

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All the sets in all the world and I get the messed up ones…


At least it’s a easy fix.

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I had this issue back with ocos first run of Honeywell, shame to see it still happens.