A happy accident (a story involving coffee, HHKB and lube)

So after this unfortunate morning event involving a clumsy backhand and a cup of fresh coffee"

I decided it was the perfect opportunity to give her a good clean, void the warrant, put my big boy pants on and lube the sliders at the same time.

I fired up these 2 fantastic videos:

HHKB Rebuild & Lubing Log & Guide - YouTube (hat tip to @Manofinterests)

and got to work.

Turned out none of the coffee had gotten as far as the domes or PCB so that was good.

Much better:

I don’t have photos of the actual lube process but needless to say it was really straightforward and was quite interesting to see how everything fits and goes together (coming into this with only MX switches experience).

Put it back together using Huey’s method with great success - turns out I too am a little bit awesome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Clean with soapy water


and we’re good!


I lubed it with 3203 and boy is it even more of a joy to use now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (this is the HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S by the way).


:sunglasses: hell yeah my dude


Great photos. I love the way the black sliders look on an ivory top case.


Good job :clap:t2:

The first photo jumped out at me with the combo of coffee on the keys and the ツ on the Z. Seemed about right, haha


Hell yea!!! Mistakes into maintenance is always the best outcome. Reminds me that I prolly need to give some TLC to some of my boards haha


I have got my HHKB for about 2 weeks and also got the DES domes that I think I will try at some point, but I haven’t opened up the case yet because 1) I want to give stock topre more time 2) dont want to void the warant yet. But I know in one of the days, I will split my coffee on it as well :stuck_out_tongue: