A new stabilizer mod for Durock stabs to reduce rattle

Here’s the mod:

Here’s before and after:


Whoa. This is so freaking wild. Amazing bud. I’m gonna try this!


Interesting! I know this has been somewhat tried from the wire side with things like shrink wrap. I’m curious if something could be placed over the wire to achieve a similar effect.

Dat science. I’m definitely going to try this!

Well. I guess what I’ve been thinking of as the “Zeal seal” is an original Cherry trick, after all. I used to think it was a leaky seam in the tooling - now I understand it was intentional and the purpose it serves.


Dude, you know what’s weird? I recently got some Cherry plate mount stabs, and out of 5 stabilizers, only ONE of them had this “seal” in the sliders… which made me go “WTF?”

So I don’t know for sure whether they included this feature intentionally and then stopped including it later, or what. But it definitely reduces rattle.


That is weird.

Well - it sure seems intentional on the Zeal ones, being a pretty clean little feature. Some stabs I’ve seen have a plastic membrane there but it’s irregular and not consistent between stems.