A thought on Healios and a question about Ergo Clears


Experiment with some toast and butter. Lightly buttered and thickly buttered. :slight_smile:


I see. This made me hungry :slight_smile:


Did you prefer bsun ergo clears to v1 zealios in bsun housing? Are those bsun brown housings? I have some bsun browns I bought a while back and it would be nice to put them to some use, do you think their housing could improve the tactility of v1 zealios?


Zealios V1 in Bsun housing did improve the tactility slightly but I liked Zealios in its own housing more. As to how it compares to Ergo Clear using Bsun, aka Clear-minded Bsun, I liked them both but found myself using the Ergo Clear board just slightly more often.

Zealios was smoother but was missing Ergo Clear’s pleasantly sharp bump that made it more exciting. The difference between the two is comparable to that between Holy Panda and Zealios V2 IMO. Later is smoother and highly tactile but I found Holy Panda more fun to type on.


Thanks so much for the detailed explanation! :slight_smile: :+1:


Friends, I did the dry test between Vintage blacks 63.5g springs and Tealios v2. I must say I went with the Tealios, and boy, they are a great switch! I’m very happy that I took the time to desolder the Healios and replace it. Anyway, just letting you guys know what was my choice.



Very glad to see you’re happy with your board. Enjoy those Tealios!