A touch of color





Awesome, how’s the board in quality terms ? How much was it ?

The machining looks good to me, but I’m not super picky, and I’m judging it based on the price bracket it’s in, which is around $150 from Taobao. If you need it sent to the US it could cost around $50 more to get it here, then if you need a proxy like Superbuy, that will cost a little extra too (I forget how much, maybe $20?)

The surface preparation is kind of sub-par, lots of little imperfections, and the anodizing is also kind of irregular with darker lines or blotches or color variations across the keyboard.

None of these imperfections are noticeable to the naked eye in normal lighting from the distance you’d normally sit from the keyboard though. So as for overall experience, I think it’s a major bargain.

I think the bigger problem is the moral dilemma, this manufacturer is using the designer’s name and brand on an unlicensed copy.

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