A Very Merry Keebtalk Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas Saint Keebus gave to me…

12 new member intros
11 brand new keysets
10 switches switchin’
9 wavy force curves
8 shiny keycaps
7 types of lubes
6 handwired keyboards
5 interest checks
4 typing tests
3 QMK Ports
2 brand new keyboards
and a fun forum we call Keebtalk.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

I’d like to say for this Christmas I’ve been really happy about the growth of Keebtalk and I really hope we can continue to grow and prosper!

So what are your plans this holiday season? A nice meal with your family or in-laws? Maybe a wonderful time with friends and loved ones? Sharing a tub of ice cream with your dog? Or maybe you’ll be building a brand new Chrismas build pretty soon :slight_smile:

I’m thinking maybe next year Keebtalk can host a nice community Secret Santa!

I hope the rest of the Keebtalk board is doing great this season.

@norbauer I’m sure has been busy packing Norbaforces, working on Heavy-6 Logistics, and working on the next great carrying case.

@olivia is fabulous and probably working on GMK Olive and a plethora of other fantastic projects.

@lekashman is probably buried in Kiras, foxes, and a million other things that Kono and Input Club has been working on these past few months.

@TaehaTypes is still rocking some of the best keyboard content in the entire community with quality builds and quality reviews!

Of course I can’t forget our wonderful mods @Zambumon and @cijanzen . I’ve definitely been slacking and will be meeting with them a lot more in the coming year to help solidify any rules that need to be adjusted for Keebtalk to ensure a positive community atmosphere.

Happy Holidays to everyone. I love you all.


This post is too wholesome :kissing_heart: Love you all too!

Looking forward to an even bigger and better “meetup” next year :eyes:


give me a slurp under a mistletoe 0w0

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Love you too :b::b::hearts:

This is by far one of my favorite websites.
I really like the overall atmosphere and layout of the forum; it keeps me coming back.
Thanks to you and @Zambumon and @cijanzen for creating this platform for us to nerd out about keyboards.
If there’s anything that I can do to help out let me know; I want this community to flourish into its own fantastic beast.

This is all just to say Happy Holidays to all of you on this website. Thanks for making this community the best gift anyone has ever shared with me.

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<3 Thanks for building this great community @Manofinterests