Abko K510 ( Optical switch ) OG Typing

This product is being sold by a Korean keyboard company(Abko).

A new switch has been applied to that keyboard.

The name of the switch is known as the optical switch.

It has a very similar appearance as a Kailh box switch.

Reason why switch structure is similar is same company ( Kailh )

The stabilizer noise was pretty intense,

And the biggest drawback is very poor switch alignment.

The reason is that the tolerance of stem is a little big.

Two drawbacks are very serious.

But It’s very quiet when you lubricate it.

After the lubrication process, the feeling and sound become very attractive.

Sooner or later I will introduce another keyboard.


What about the wooting optical switches?

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Wooting uses Flaretech switches.


I have never used the product.
I will search and see.
K510 is not bad for the amount.
It’s close to $50.