Advice cleaning overlubed Novatouch

Hi there,

I recently lubed my Novatouch, I used tribosys 3204 for the “rails” of the normal keys and dielectric silicone for the stabs.
The problem is that I definitely put too much of the stuff.
Typing feels really mushy, the stabs incredibly so…
Can anyone help me with ideas on how to go about solving the problem?
How difficult to clean is this stuff? I’m scared of using strong disolvents that could damage the keyboard.
Does anybody know if this is likely to get better with time?

Thanks for your help!

you can manually remove the lube with a lint free cloth or similar or trying to use a dry brush to pull some off/even it out


Yep. 3204 wipes off pretty easily. Get a cheap package of microfiber cloths or lint free rags.


Thanks guys, I did that and it worked great, it’s feeling perfect now :+1:
Silly me, I was about to use alcohol or something like that…

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