Advice for my new build

I have finally managed to get my hands on a Piggy 60 and I am currently planning its build.

It is the White WK model, so I have already bought the MT3 Skiidata keycaps for it and TX AP Screw-in Stabilizers. But I am pondering on what switches should I use. On my current setup, I use Glorious Panda switches with 80g spring and I love the heavier typing experience they offer. One thought is to cannibalise my current keyboard and use the modified Pandas on Piggy, the other thought is to get some really heavy clicky switches. So far, my search leads me towards the Zeal Clickiez, but damn they are expensive and my budget right now is almost to its limit. I have thought the Kailh Navy Box as an alternative, but I do not know if the switch is as good in terms of smoothness and heaviness. What would you suggest me to pick? Is there other clicky switches that I should consider?

Also, what cable would you recommend me? I would prefer not to spend more than 20-30 Euros for it. Are Ordinary Labs cables a good option (Ordinary Labs USB A to C Cable)?

And lastly. The Piggy I got was second hand and it came with no spare gaskets and feet. Since I will need to be taking off the feet to build it, I will be needing new ones. They are out of stock in JackyLab site -and Jacky asks for $60 (shipping included) to send me new ones from his personal stock-, so I will be needing to either find alternative compatible ones or use DIY ones. Any advice on that?

P.S.: I live in the EU, so I would appreciate if you could recommend parts and accessories that I could source from EU sites.

Personally, if I was in your spot and wasn’t sure about switches, I would use a hotswap PCB. There more than a few 60% PCBs that are compatible with universal daughter boards out there.

If you can’t do that, I suggest dry building it and testing out the sound and feel before you solder.

I would make my own gaskets. Get something like 2mm EVA foam and use some double stick tape and cut your own. Double stick doesn’t like to adhere to EVA but you only need enough cling to get it in the case.


The PCB I use is a hotswap one. Soldering is my kryptonite anyways.

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When I’m on the fence I can sometimes think until the point of inaction.

The way I get to work is this. First thing first, I get a space bar stabilizer in it, and make sure I spend a bit of time getting it lubed and sounding good.

If adding the space bar stabilizer doesn’t take too long I will do the others, but if I’m really anxious to see this thing in action, I won’t worry about the other stabilizers until I’ve settled on what switches I’m going to use for sure.

Next, put a set of full switches in it and type a bit. . Every little bit of optimization helps this process easier. I quickly fill the whole board for the first set because having some switches absent does affect sound and feel. You’re going to be swapping things out so no need to add any more keycaps than the alphas and space bar. Forget the number row and modifiers

Then I swap out for a different switch and sometimes keycaps. Keep in mind, you only need to swap out about 30 switches (also, remember you don’t need all of the keycaps) to do some regular type testing. Just swap the alphas and space bar (not the number row or any modifiers). Can try out a few different setups without tiring of the swap out process this way.


McMaster stocks gasket sheets. Iirc the resilient polyurethane foam is poron. Unfortunately don’t know what shipping is like to EU.

For cables, I just use the black and white Belkin braided ones. They are pretty good quality and look good with keyboards. You can order a custom from Dispatch in Canada (Georen), though, again, unsure about shipping! Sorry. Probably also a little more expensive.

You might ask in Salvun’s server for EU sources.

Thanks for the insights guys.

As for the switches: are Clickiez worth their double price over Box Navies?

I am a heavy typist and I am looking for a real heavy switch. I am currently using Pandas with 80g springs and they still feel a bit “soft” for my taste. So, I am considering Clickiez or Box Navies, but I am in a dilemma.

If there are other similarly heavy and good switches, I would love to hear your recommendations

I can’t comment on Clickiez, but just on their own merit, Box Navies are awesome, my favorite switch. Better than Jades or a couple of different green click jackets I’ve tried.