Advices on how to make top-mount softer?

I’m on my way designing a new keyboard, I wonder if there is anyways to make top-mount softer (errm… add some flex to it)

if you ask me “why don’t you try gasket mount?”, I did try it and failed, well… not a “miserable” failure, the board still works, though. The person who assembled the board told me “if you’re constrained by design and CNC-capability, why don’t you use a easier design, a top-mount is good too”, I think that’s true, I’m not a good designer.

now back to the top-mount board, here is my keyboard’s layout:

(just the basic layout, there are more options)

This is the plate, there are two styles: (difference in mounting tabs’s cuts)

if I use PC/POM materials for the plate, the mounting tabs should not break/snap, right? :thinking:
which style should I use?

Also, should I add spacers at the mounting posts?

the spacer could be copper column or rubber ring.

please tell me what you think. :smile:


I think that some form of burger mount could allow for slightly reduced feedback on the bottom out. in terms of flex, the best you could do on a top mount would be flex cuts in metal plates, and flex cuts in the pcb.

Theres also a thing called double quarter pounder with cheese mod, and tbh i probably got that wrong

Also, I cant speak firsthand but i doubt leaf springs would do anything for flex here seeing as its a top mount. If you want to have the option of gasket mount OR top mount, then perhaps pick up some gasket socks to throw on the plate, or run with gaskets connected to a magnet connected to the case. kinda weird idea, but the leaf springs would be great for a gasket mount, and serve basically no purpose on a top mount. Another thing, mounting points near the spacebar tend to lead to a less ideal sound and feel on the spacebar. I’d personally recommend something like a burger mount, possibly an isolated top mount (Mode65 etc). If you REALLY want the best feel and sound, make a gummy o-ring. thats just my bias though. Just to note, top mount is always gonna be stiff, and you’re not gonna be able to get a very soft bouncy typing feel no matter what mods you do. However, top mount sound is very good imo.

Layout looks really interesting in a good way. I like the nav cluster on the left and the 2.25u right shift coupled with arrows is reminiscent of the ikki68 which I love. Also a very unique rotary knob placement. Love to see you stray from the norm top right.

I think top mount is the right move as its more unique at this point than gasket mounting in terms of sound, and tends to be pretty even in terms of feel and sound

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You didn’t ask for layout advice, but with two 2.25u shifts this is gonna be difficult / expensive to kit out. Maybe consider moving the arrows in by .25?

Um, type softer?



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Mabey take a look at the HMKB.

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