AEBoard Naevy Switches


Now that’s interesting… thanks for sharing!

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So they are Yok housings with a custom designed stem to feel like a smooth cherry clear but with a long stem like halo? Is that accurate?

Seems so. I’m assuming they’ve developed a proprietary tactile switch derived from various community favored switch mods.


Source: (2020) Switch Films Explained with Comparisons - Minimising MX Housing Wobble and Stem Wobble - YouTube

There also looks to be a tad bit of wobble. Films for sure.

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I’m gonna try to hop on these, seems pretty interesting

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Wish I knew If they were indeed yok housings or not. I have 3 bags of yok housings and could save cash by just grabbing the stems.

I purchased some of these!

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looking very interesting. A review would be cool. Can’t decide between this switch and holy panda.

I got the Naevy switches and the PE tactile stems today. I’m not too big of a fan of the Naevy switches because of the longer stem. The bump is really disappointing as well. I can confirm that it is less tactile than a clear stem and mixed in with the shorter travel, I’m pretty turned off. The PE tactile stems are barely tactile as well, they bring the overall pitch down.

I was going to put these in my Tind when that comes in, but I’m going to have to play with them some more. I’ve tried cream stems and I like them very much. If all else fails, I’ll just go down that route.


So they are a less tactile holy panda? Is the housing effectively a yok one?

Seems like it, AE stated they are a “panda derivative” and list the housing as full nylon. It certainly looks/feels like nylon. The tactility isn’t anything crazy stock, and the PE stems make the bump almost feel like a hiccup in manufacturing a linear stem. I’m currently on day 2 of using them in a hotswap Planck, and they feel okay at best. I think for the cost (0.60 USD/switch) they’re alright.
Definitely less tactile than the HPs. Most likely going to lube them with 3203 eventually.

EDIT: I want to add to this because I think it came across a bit negative, and I remember picking my first switch based on forum reviews I looked up - I really appreciate a company trying something new, and doing an in-stock sale for something that’s usually a GB. I think the Naevies are a great switch for someone looking to get into tactiles and potentially switch modding! I don’t think a switch’s worth is wholly based on tactility because ~preference~. The feel of the naevies is pretty good, and they don’t sound half bad stock.


Interesting! If this manages to pick up the light/medium tactile space from where it’s been semi-languishing then I’m happy for the members of the community that like that lower level of tactility!

Would have loved to be able to get my hands on these, or at least the housings, to experiment with them for frankenswitch potential. Alas, I seem to have missed out on CannonKeys’ sale of them :sweat_smile:

Just a follow up! Not too sure where to post this/aggregate sound tests or reviews but I’ll figure that out moving forward…maybe ThereminGoat is looking for a second writer lol. But here’s a sound test of the naevies!

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I recieved my switches today.

I find these very interesting, and I like them a lot. They remind me of a combination between holy pandas and J-spacer modded switches. The travel is significantly reduced. Not quite as much as with J-spacers, but similar. The bump feels somewhere between a v1 and v2 zealio. I don’t like a sharp tactile bump, so this is nice to me.

They sound pretty good stock. No high pitches or rattles like in all of the new JWK switches I’ve been trying out. I would personally have no issue with using these completely stock. If you are really picky, I think they might sound better with lubed springs.

Quite a unique switch, for sure. Not for people who dislike reduced travel.

My test board was a hotswap PCB in a Klippe case with foam and a 5mm poly plate. For caps, I used MT3 Susuwatari. I think they might be even more interesting with DSA caps. I’ll report back later.


Oh man, that’s what I was looking for! They remind me of j-spacer modded switches

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I’m not going to say they are the best switch out there or anything, but they are interesting and fun to use on occasion.


I agree, I really like the bump and the sound, but I can’t get past the short travel :crazy_face:

I find it even better with DSA caps. Kinda similar to a good laptop keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

I got my naevy switches in and I feel like they are basically a hp clone…I even compared the stem to the stem from drop’s latest batch of hp switches and I couldn’t find a noticable difference.

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