Age survey

It was only a matter of time before this topic came up here :slight_smile:

Reading another post here got me curious about the general age makeup of the Keebtalk community. Pick your age range below! If you’re younger than 13 you are in violation of the Terms of Service :laughing:

  • 13 – 17
  • 18 – 24
  • 25 – 34
  • 35 – 44
  • 45 – 54
  • 55 – 64
  • 65 – 74
  • 75+

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Interesting, so far most survey takers are in the same age group as me. That will change next year tho :sob:

I’m a little surprised, not surprised that the age range I’m in is the larger group. I usually feel the community skews a little younger, but that’s probably mostly because of /r/mk. I got the feeling that GH and DT were the older crowd, with reddit being younger. It would be nice to see that it’s more my age range here.


All these youngsters.
Finally i’ve the chance to experience the emotions to belong to the smallest minority.
Maybe its time to ask for Convention on International Oldies in Endangered Species of MK Fauna and Flora.


i’m just interested in how many ticked the 55-64 box along with me lol


Good to know I’m not in the “oldest” bucket

I’m in the smallest (oldest) group. Not sure if that’s nice or depressing :-/


Depends on the day,

going to a party, people my age, talking all the time about their sickness and pain over here, pain over there, is very depressing. I’ve told my best friend, if i should ever behave like that, to shoot me.

Looking in the eyes of my grandchildren it feels nice!

I do wonder a lot these days, listening to folks, tv …, everybody wants to get old, but nobody wants to be old.
Thats not going to work somehow.


I would love to have grand children but my 2 kids are only 21 and 23 so I’m going to have to be patient.

Somewhat dissapointed we don’t have anyone over 65 though…

i’m 59 in two weeks but i feel like i’m over 65 lol

I’m 34 but feel 50 some days :stuck_out_tongue:

This is interesting to see! Thank goodness the ranges are sensible and I haven’t move up to the next bracket yet. I look like I belong in a younger range but am one over if that helps lol.

Yesterday it had been pussies, today old virgins.
Sexuality seems to be very important for you at the moment, which makes me think.

A: You belong to the group 13-17, don’t worry, your time will come.
B: You’re older than that, stop posting, instead go outside and get laid.

Majority of your so called old virgins don’t talk about it, instead we enjoy the second pleasing hobby besides mks.
No need, from my point of view, for you to be cool!


It’s now two weeks from this post. Happy birthday!!

thanks dude