Alice PCB Shorting, has anyone experienced this?

Hello fellas,
second consecutive day posting here. This time about the to discuss the Alice PCB.
I notice some short circuit randomly all of a sudden. It happens only sometime when I touch the board, it’s like a tiny electric shock. I’m not very knowledgeable on electrics, the only thing I can think of right now that may be causing this is the screws from the stabilizers. I ordered some nylon ones today, hope they solve the issue. But would like to ask: Did anyone here experience this before? What is likely to be the problem? And more important, how can I solve this?



Is it just the static electricity from your hands? This often happens in winter since it is so dry. If that’s the case the only thing you can do is ground yourself before touching your keyboard.

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thanks for replying. yes, it is the static electricity in my hands, I guess, it happens only when I touch it, and sometimes… sorry if it’s a dumb question but how can I ground myself?

You can get a static strap at a local store or off Amazon, or you can make sure to periodically touch something like a metal table leg that’s grounded and it’ll ground you!

Thanks!! I’ll take a look at the static strap, for now I’ll use the metal leg of my table :slight_smile: