All about the "O-ring mod", a living FAQ

More people are trying out the “O-ring mod” but there still lacks decent documentation about how to do it and how it changes typing feel.

The objective of this mod is to make a standard tray-mount case type like a gasket mount keyboard. To do this you put rubber o-rings between the case standoffs and your pcb.

I am making this post here so everyone who has tried this mod or knows about it can share any useful information/instructions/tips. I have limited experience with the mod so I was hoping others who do have more experience with it could share their thoughts and opinions for others so they can try the mod themselves.

Some starter questions: What are the best type of o-rings for this mod? How does a hard/soft o-ring affect typing feel? Does installing the o-rings raise the height of your pcb/plate/keycaps in its case?


See, to me, this will be a source of confusion. In all my time in the community, an o-ring mod is where someone will put o-rings on the outside of an MX cap stem to soften and raise the bottom out of a particular switch. This also served to quiet the bottom out sound of the switches and/or caps.

I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I genuinely thought you were talking about the o-rings on caps with your title.