Alpaca Switch


If these switches sell out, it is anticipated to take up to 4 weeks to get them all shipped. Please be patient.


“The latest batch is produced from all new molds for the top housing, bottom housing and stem.” :+1:


I’m not sure why, but this elicits worry not excitement in me for some reason. Maybe I’m just a pessimist, but revisions are a huge potential for mistakes – and with the demand being so high for these switches, I’m worried that the consumer will be the guinea pig. I probably way off here. Are these molds exclusive to Alpacas or are there examples of switches produced using these molds in the wild?

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Your apprehension is warranted. Perhaps when they stated “all new molds” they meant they cast some new ones based on the original CNC mold. Not a retool, hopefully.

Maybe exclusive to JWK, but I think Mauves are basically the same switch.


Ah, okay. I was thinking a retool and any new switch already made from it. This makes more sense if it’s the case.