Alpaca Switch


If these switches sell out, it is anticipated to take up to 4 weeks to get them all shipped. Please be patient.


“The latest batch is produced from all new molds for the top housing, bottom housing and stem.” :+1:


I’m not sure why, but this elicits worry not excitement in me for some reason. Maybe I’m just a pessimist, but revisions are a huge potential for mistakes – and with the demand being so high for these switches, I’m worried that the consumer will be the guinea pig. I probably way off here. Are these molds exclusive to Alpacas or are there examples of switches produced using these molds in the wild?

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Your apprehension is warranted. Perhaps when they stated “all new molds” they meant they cast some new ones based on the original CNC mold. Not a retool, hopefully.

Maybe exclusive to JWK, but I think Mauves are basically the same switch.


Ah, okay. I was thinking a retool and any new switch already made from it. This makes more sense if it’s the case.

PrimeKB got more Alpacas in stock right now for anybody who has been waiting for them.


Ooh nice. Also, these are from the same mold as Alpacas (though I haven’t tried them) with heavier springs: Seal Linear Switch by Minterly – CannonKeys

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I got some a couple days ago and it came within 4 days

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