Soo, the Alpacas is up for pre-order and I really want some. But at the same time I can’t(should) spend more on keebs this month and the keeb I’m planning to use them on is still in IC. :upside_down_face:

Would u say Alpacas is going to be available in 6months or so again or is it do or die now?

Oh man, you got me all excited to finally get some ordered. But alas, they are silent Alpacas. Was hoping to order regular Alpacas.


Assuming world situation doesn’t change, Alpacas restock regularly, every 2-3 months in North America.

So it should be available again in 6 months. Industry in China is recovering, Durock/JWK are making regular deliveries. They should have more staff available 6 months from now than they do at present.

Assuming there isn’t a war or something that disrupts trade, JWK should be in business and maybe thriving in 6 months.


I understand your situation. I have a build that is August at the earliest, and most likely in the fall.

But I am about to order Silent Alpacas, because who knows when is the next time they will be available?

I’ve never even tested them, only regular Alpacas.

:joy: Haha, yeah exactly. Who knows? :anguished:

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Just an update… China v India ain’t looking too good.

Yeah, that’s why I mention disruptions to the global situation. Nothing is assured.

There are a number of potential flashpoints right now, not to mention the possibility of further economic collapse. So that has to be taken into account when entering into GBs.

Hmm, how much will a keeb be worth during a WW :thinking:

I just entered a GB… Don’t give me scares now man…