Alps & Alps clone switch talk


I agree. imo current alps set try to appeal to those who like vintage of which they can just pry some off AEKs instead :joy:. DCS like the throwback as wel is thin :disappointed: I may have been more convinced with a different profile + I don’t even mind more adventurous colourways like we do for MX caps


TBH, I would give your ALPS a try without lube before you go through that process. I’m starting to grow mighty fond of the SCKM oranges in my AEK64 without lube. That said I lucked out big time & got a batch that was barely used, if used at all, so they are basically brand new.


This is the exact reason I did the Nexus slider GB. Gives people the option to use the sets that have been limited to the MX platform for so long.


I will do that @Rob27shred. The oranges I have are pretty clean, so I might try them without any changes first. Thanks!


If you’re interested, I have a plate from a Chicony Big-Ass-Enter board that is just sitting around, waiting for someone who wants it. If you’re intererested, I can send it to you for shipping, if you want a staggered 40. But then again, thinking about it, it’s not great for that because of the big-ass-enter. I’ll leave that up to you.

As for capsets, there’s more out there than there used to be. When I started looking around for alps caps, the options were vintage or try to get your hands on a spare matias set of keycaps (they weren’t offered at that time, IIRC) Now, signature plastics is making DSA alps in some of their sets and Tai-Hao has some as previous people have mentioned, and as far as I know, Matias is selling cap sets. The other option is to keep an eye out for the signature plastics grab bags/times. I was able to almost completely fit my handwired 60% alps board (also a chicony big ass enter plate) with DSA and filled out my mods for my ergodox with DSA caps. This was a combination of buying a grab bag and trading for alps caps. Just so you don’t expect grab bags to be flowing with alps caps (I wish)


I just realized I never replied to this! Thank you so much for the offer. Let me think about this and I will definitely let you know!


no worries. In fact, let me find a similar layout board to show you what the plate will look like. (I’m not at home to get it out and take a pic)

The layout is similar to this one and I have the full plate.


So I think it will be hard if not impossible to find compatible keysets, don’t you think? But thanks a lot for the offer, it’s really appreciated!


So, who is in for the NEXUS slider GB?

Since those are replaceing the stem and can come with fitting top housings, and the bottom has no impact on switch feel, only the tactile leave and springs are left, would it still be worth to source orange ALPS over Mattias Quiet Clicks for those?

I’d love a NIU mini with nexus slidered “orange ALPS”. :heart_eyes:


I am putting my Nexus on Orange Alps :stuck_out_tongue: just because I prefer Orange Alps and having them compatible with GMK and SA sets would be interesting. Initially wanted to put them on white alps, but thoughts I might as well go all the way and use my favourite Alps switch (so far)


Usually I’d say, yes it is absolutely worth using SKCM ALPS over Matias, especially if you want tactile ones. Since with ALPS type switches pretty much all the feel comes from the switchplate, tactile/click leaf, & springs. Although using the Nexus sliders/top housings does add a curve ball into the equation. While in theory they should have a very minimal effect on the feel of whatever switch they are used in, it is possible they could make SKCM ALPS feel worse than the stock sliders. Since you are planning on using the Nexus sliders it’s a tough call until we know how they will affect the feel of whatever switches they are used in.

I’d checkout the differences between SKCM ALPS & Matias switches to make your decision TBH. Matias switches are a reproduction of SKBM (simplified) ALPS which can not compete in the feel category with SKCM ALPS from everything I read & heard about them. The DT wiki pages show the differences between SKCM (complicated) ALPS, SKBM ALPS (simplfied), & Matias switches really well. I’ve never tried SKBM ALPS or Matias switches so I can’t say with 100% confidence that SKCM ALPS are superior to SKBM ALPS/Matias switches, but the difference in design & community feedback make me personally think they are.


The sliders don’t have much affect, or any at all, with switch feel. They are very close to SKCM Brown sliders in dimensions, which are the best sliders alps made. My slider in that switch feels the exact same as a normal Brown but smoother due to the sliders having a polished surface.

But matias leafs feels different than alps leafs, so it will be different. Even if you use the matias leaf in an SKCM housing, it doesn’t feel the same, to me at least, no one else has tested as I only have so many samples right now.


What about designing a modern clone of a Brown Alps tactile leaf? :wink:

But as an aside, I for one love Alps but all of my Alps boards suffer from occasional chatter or switches just dying…tried using compressed air to blow out inside of switch to little avail most of the time. If anyone has tips on reviving (electrically speaking, not keyfeel) vintage Alps switches, I’m all ears :smiley:


Alps Throwback is going to be available for retail following the GB (i.e., we are making it happen whether it hits MOQ or not before this weekend) so finally there will be a brand new Alps set covering most custom layouts in stock you could pick up at any time, brand new. Might also be easier to market and do education on the keycap set once it’s in-hand and I can throw it on some keyboards and test it out / do some typing videos


That’s excellent to hear. I joined the groupbuy and was getting a little discouraged when I looked at the numbers you had for initial orders. It’s good to know that there will finally be a new choice that’s easily available for people who have or want to try Alps besides vintage big ass enter, aek and the tai-hao sets. It seems that many people who wanted to try Alps built an alps64 with aek caps. Then when the went looking for their next build they were presented with few options and all of those had some issue that made the easy accessibility and seeming endless variety of MX far more appealing. It’s good to see that as the community grows that Alps aren’t being forgotten. Noe the next major problems are increasing scarcity of vintage Alps causing rapid inflation and the lack of any modern alternative. Yes there are Matias and other clones but they are all really bad compared to vintage Alps and let’s face it not worth the hasstle when compared to all the new MX stem offerings. I see a time in a couple of years when someone entering the hobby will look at Alps and say hmmmm… $12 a switch for SKCL green, I think i’ll just buy this new meme switch everyone is talking about for 1/6 the price. And thus sadly Alps will be relegated to e-peen items like nixies and hirose switches. So everybody buy all these new Alps offerings as their time may be limited.


I’m also slightly skeptical about this as well. I do expect there could be a change in feel but I see it as a tradeoff for having nice cap sets on them :stuck_out_tongue: but theoretically it should be totally fine


I didn’t think they would effect the feel much, but I didn’t want to speak for something I haven’t tried yet. Glad to hear the samples you have feel good though! Any luck moving forward with the adjusted molds? I read on GH that you have to switch reps at the company making these. Personally I’m in no real hurry for my order & would rather give you time to get us the best product you can VS. rushing it to meet a deadline. :metal:


Yikes! I heard about them having re-tool cause issues with older batches of Matias switches, but didn’t know they had so many skeletons in their closet! :frowning:


My favorite Alps variant is Orange Creamsicle. That’s an Alps SKCM Orange that keeps the original bottom housing, switch plate, spring, and tactile leaf, but borrows the top housing and the slider from SKCM Cream Damped switches. Really a delight to type on.


This does sound like a nice combo, gonna have to give it try!