Alps plate DXF

Hey first post here! Had an alps tkl plate file for a Mira that I planned on using for an lz cls but the file size was extremely small. Does anyone happen to know the correct DXF so I could get it cut? Thanks! (Just realized I can’t post links so send me a pm if you are able to help thanks!)

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Hey man - If you want to ping me the links I’m happy to take a look when I get home from work

1 Like Here’s the link - thanks man!

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Am not at home so have not had the chance to open it in AutoCAD proper, but it opens fine in the mobile viewer, and looks about right for TKL spacing. What exactly the issue you’re having? Does it not open correctly on your computer?

And why are you using file size as an indicator of whether or not a plate is ‘correct’?

Tbh I really don’t know how to use any 3D programs but I’m just following after what Laserboost told me. And the reason I said the file was small was because they mentioned that to me as well when I noticed the price of the plate in the shopping cart was much lower than it was suppose to be. ( They said “Yes, this file looks ultra small. We need all parts in 1:1 Scale in mm (milimeters).” A solution I heard is that the units might be in inches instead of mm and am testing that theory now!

Right. You’re talking about unit sizes and not file sizes… My mistake.

Seeing as it’s Ethan’s file, it is very possible that he did it in inches. Just do a uniform scale of each direction by 2.54x and you should be good to go

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i know this is old but i’ll post this here for anyone else wondering…
when opening most cad type files in drawing programs (illustrator, etc.) when you are prompted for measurement unit meanings, choose mm. (though it will default to inches, at least here in the states) and when opened with default inches the plate is physically huge.