Alright, Dan here. Nice to meet you!

Hi all, Dan here. I go by the name of DJ over on the MechanicalKeyboardsUK Discord server, and I rarely pop into the main server too. I’m also /u/EBOLANIPPLES over on Reddit.

I’ve been into keyboards for a couple of years now, although I only really got serious last year, after ditching the Razer board for a Poker at the time.

I’m currently back to using an ortho board, namely a JJ40, which is really nice actually. :smiley:

Other than keyboards, I’m one of the MKUK Discord’s annoying weeaboos, I’m a bit of a transport nerd and I’m also studying graphic design at university.

Ha, I actually never realised you were Ebolanipples. Great name. Strong.

Glad to see you here!

I don’t even know what brought me to choose that name, but hey, it stands out from the crowd at least.

Glad you’re here, too. We could always do with more tiny boards to look at and admire!

That’s not the only tiny things of Chris’ I admire


UK Gang checking in

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