Alrighty, so who else has been playing Lost Ark?

And who else has been having fun? :raised_hand:

It’s not perfect, but so far so good I guess

I’m a bit surprised it’s at “mixed” for its current score on steam.

I only just hit level 29 and entered the “big city”. My main critique of the game so far is keeping everything simple and clean beforehand before suddenly stuffing every new game system within 30-1hr of dialogue/text. A bit overwhelming, but I am happy that the game has existed a while before it came to the US so there is content for people to play through unlike other recent MMO releases coughNewWorldcough

I don’t know if it’ll be a game I stick around for in the long term, but it’s certainly a game I’ve been having fun with.


I started playing on Sunday. Supposedly it gets fun at lvl 50, so gonna just grind and see if thats true =D

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I played for the first couple of days after launch but after a while I just realized it wasn’t the type of game for me and decided to drop it. It was still fun while it lasted though!

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I am addicted. Just hit 380gs and have been addicted since early launch. Taking it relatively slowly compared to other hardcore grinders, but this is the most addicted to an MMO I’ve been since my adolescent days grinding Maplestory.