Alternative colors for a Diablo-esque keycap set

Hey All,

Like many of you, I’m a big fan of the Diablo games and I’ve long been awaiting
the Sanctuary rebirth keycap set. As I’ve been playing some Diablo recently, I
realized that while red and black make sense as a color palette, there are
other colors from the game that are actually more nostalgic to me personally,
such as the off-gold beige of unique items, and the blood red of the pentagrams
when navigating the menus.

So, I threw together a few concepts for fun using colors similar to the ones
used for the items and menus in D2. (Don’t mind the layout; I just re-used some
code I wrote when designing one of my own keyboards so I could render an SVG
with the exocet font)

Using the unique item color on a slate grey, similar to what you’d see when
hovering over a unique item:

Using the common item color on a slate grey but with some accents on the

The unique item color on blood red; these colors are pretty similar to the GMK
Samurai set but it’s neat to see it with the exocet font:

This one in particular is cool because being a darker font on lighter
background, it would lend itself well to dye-sublimation:

Personally I’d kill for an EnjoyPBT set like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I’m not super creative so I’m sure there are better sets you could
make out of this palette but I thought it might be fun to explore colorways
other than red/black.

As a brief disclaimer, I have no intentions of competing with the Sanctuary GB,
this was just for fun!


I personally like version one the most .

These are great, if I had to recommend anything probably have red mods on the left and either orange(fury), blue(mana), beige(spirit), or purple(arcane) mods on the right similar to the Diablo UI.

Ah yea, mirroring the health and mana globes is a cool idea. Something like this would be pretty sweet: